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Approach to Website Design
In today's hyper-paced world, a website is no longer a luxury--it is practically a requirement for doing business.  The most valuable real estate is screen real estate on the internet which announces your presence and communicates your message--not just locally, but to the entire world, 24/7.  And the clearer your message, the more powerful.

If you know what you want in a website, Gerard will work with you to turn your concept into reality.  But if you're like many of us who want a website but are not quite able to articulate it, Gerard will start with a simple design and work with you to evolve it.  How far you evolve it is up to you.

Either way, Gerard is uniquely qualified to produce a website for you, with valuable and practical experience in newsletter writing and production, photography, user interface design, and software development.  By handling all aspects of design and production, Gerard ensures that your website communicates a clear, consistent, and quality message in an aesthetic presentation.

Each client's situation is unique and deserving of individual attention.  Gerard will gladly meet with you to discuss your needs and develop a plan.

Stanford Center for Professional Development
Since May 2007, Gerard worked fulltime (except for a short period of halftime work when the workload was light) at the Stanford Center for Professional Development (SCPD) at Stanford University, as a Web Developer and Photographer. His fixed term appointment at SCPD ended on April 30, 2014.

Gerard maintained the SCPD sites below. All were designed by Kapow, a design firm with many outstanding sites to their credit.

When maintaining websites, Gerard works to preserve the integrity of the original design, using existing layouts and styles as much as possible. When new designs are needed to accommodate changes such as new layouts, Gerard works carefully to extend the existing design to preserve the original look and feel. At SCPD, decisions on websites are made collaboratively which typically requires several iterations where multiple designs are considered and evolved.

Gerard produced many of the photographs appearing on the sites, including the photos of the Stanford campus on the home page of the main site. Gerard uses Photoshop to produce high quality, fast-loading images.

Main Website
On the main website, launched in 2008, Gerard maintained the static pages which describe the many services provided by SCPD. (The dynamic, database-driven pages of the site—for course listings, registration, and related activities—are provided by Destiny Solutions and maintained by others.)

Following are two representative screenshots:
Home Page (featured a slideshow of campus photographs by Gerard)
Computer Musings by Professor Donald E. Knuth (page designed by Gerard, used a collapsible accordion coded with jQuery)
The main site has been updated with a new, responsive, Drupal version which became live in mid-July 2014.

Mini-sites, Responsive
Mini-sites are smaller websites dedicated to a single program offered by SCPD. Kapow designed the Innovation and Entrepreneurship mini-site in early 2013; Gerard extended the original design to other mini-sites, incorporating the Stanford branding specified by the Stanford Identity Toolkit.
Other Websites
Flash Presentation, French Meadows Summer Camp
French Meadows Summer Camp is an annual eight-day event that takes place in the Tahoe National Forest. Flash is an older technology that is available on some but not all computers. The presentation below is 1024x768 with sound.