Extensible Markup Language
COIN78 Final Project

COIN78 Online Spring 2003 Gerard T. Lum

Description of Final Project
Lovelyn Voorhees designs, produces, and sells Submarine-Inspired Notecards, Handmade Pins, and Prints. While whimsical in nature, they also pay tribute to the patriotic spirit of the men who serve bravely on our submarines, and the wives (like Lovelyn) and families who support them faithfully. Visit her website, Subs & Stripes Forever.

For the COIN78 Final Project, I store 11 sets of Lovelyn's artwork (image references and details) in XML files. Below are five examples which display the XML data in various ways.

Viewing Notes
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Document Type Definition

Cascading Type Sheets
subs_css.xml - displays all 11 records

XML Schema

XSL, eXtensible Stylesheet Language
subs_xsl.xml - displays all 11 records

XML as a Data Source
browse.htm - displays one record, scrollable

Contact Information

650 903-0447