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Thank you for visiting!  Please browse through my website to find out what I can do for you--web design and development, software development, photography, or any related activity.  I look forward to talking and meeting with you!

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Web Design and Development

Web Design and Development

Gerard's skills include newsletter writing and production, photography, user interface design, and software development--an unusual combination, but ideal for designing and maintaining websites and web applications.

His experience includes designing and maintaining websites for small businesses and nonprofits, often dealing with non-technical clients.

Stanford Center for Professional Development

For seven years from 2007-2014, Gerard worked fulltime at the Stanford Center for Professional Development (SCPD) at Stanford University, as a Web Developer and Photographer. What started as a temp job turned into a fixed term appointment which was extended three times.

SCPD provides Stanford graduate engineering courses and professional development programs to working engineers, primarily over the internet. SCPD's websites are crucial to their mission. Gerard maintained the main SCPD site, many mini-sites dedicated to special programs, and hundreds of landing pages.

Websites today are very complex, and it can be a challenge to keep them looking fresh. Gerard preserved the integrity of the original designs over the long term, using existing layouts and style sheets as much as possible. When new designs were needed to accommodate changes such as new layouts, Gerard worked carefully to extend the existing design to preserve the original look and feel.

With several people maintaining the sites, often in uncoordinated fashion, it was not unusual for a seemingly simple update to have unexpected side effects elsewhere on the site. Gerard was vigilant in testing pages regularly to catch and correct such problems, which could easily go undetected.

At SCPD, decisions on websites were made collaboratively which typically required several iterations where multiple designs were considered and tweaked. Gerard is accustomed to taking a lead role in such collaborations.

Gerard produced many photographs appearing on the sites, often of the picturesque Stanford campus, see samples at

Visitors to the SCPD site, typically engineers, have high expectations; Gerard did all he could to make a positive first impression and meet those expectations.


Links to some representative sites maintained, or created and maintained, by Gerard appear below.

SCPD Main Website

On the SCPD main website, Gerard maintained the pages which describe the many services provided by SCPD, the admission procedures, and more. (Pages related to course registration were maintained by others.)

The main site and mini-sites below were designed by Kapow, a design firm with many outstanding sites to their credit—Gerard designed early versions of landing pages and some mini-sites which provided starting points for Kapow. Gerard was responsible for the final content, appearance, and functioning of the sites over the long term.

The main site was typical of the time of its launch in 2008—information-heavy using small type, included Flash, and designed with a fixed width for viewing on desktop monitors. The detailed styling was achieved with very complex style sheets.

Following are two representative screenshots:

Home Page (featured a slideshow of campus photographs by Gerard, updated regularly)

Computer Musings by Professor Donald E. Knuth (page designed by Gerard, used a collapsible accordion coded with jQuery to accomodate Professor Knuth's prolific output)

SCPD stayed with this version of the main site for nearly six years until July 2014, when it was replaced with a new, responsive, Drupal version.

SCPD Mini-sites, Responsive

Mini-sites are smaller websites dedicated to a single program offered by SCPD. Kapow designed the Innovation and Entrepreneurship mini-site in early 2013; Gerard extended the original design to other mini-sites, incorporating the Stanford branding specified by the Stanford Identity Toolkit.

(Note: the three links below take you to websites which are later, Drupal versions of earlier websites created and maintained by Gerard. The later versions, created after Gerard's time at SCPD, are substantially the same in appearance and operation as the earlier versions.)

Advanced Computer Security

Energy Innovation and Emerging Technologies (EIET)

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

French Meadows Summer Camp

French Meadows Summer Camp is an annual eight-day event that takes place in the Tahoe National Forest, where the photographs on this site were taken. The 2015 camp was the last held there; it has since moved to Camp Sylvester in Pinecrest, CA.

Gerard designed and created this site with Flash when its use was widespread. The site is sized 1024x768 with sound.

French Meadows Summer Camp


Software Development

Software Development

Following are samples of software development work over the years.

Software Engineer, Sable Technologies: led development of Graphical User Interfaces and Database Programs for the Restaurant Industry using Visual Basic/Access. Applications included Employee Timekeeping, Employee Scheduling, Employee Database, and Reporting on all aspects of restaurant operation.

Developer, Myers-Holum: participated in team development of a GUI to a large, character-based accounting program using Visual Basic/Access. Major contributions included automated generation of all code modules to transfer records between client and server, and automated linking of thousands of controls to related topics in context-sensitive Windows Help files.

Associate Principal Programmer/Analyst, Morrison-Knudsen Engineers, Inc.: worked closely and synergistically with engineers to develop well-designed application programs; areas included water resources, hydropower, railroad engineering, structural analysis, and graphic displays.




The photo above is from the French Meadows Summer Camp 2015. Gerard photographed the annual camp for many years, helping to publicize it.

While working at the Stanford Center for Professional Development, Gerard took numerous photos of groups visiting Stanford for professional education programs, from countries including Brazil, China, Denmark, and Poland. He also photographed the picturesque Stanford campus, in all seasons.

Photography has been a serious hobby of Gerard's for many years. He is a member of the Professional Photographers of Santa Clara Valley, and does occasional professional work.

Photography Web Site

Slideshow, Gourmet Vegetarian Dinners of the Peninsula Macrobiotic Community




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